Monday, June 20, 2011

Maa Hurrr

My roots are a bit of a joke at the moment. They needed to be done last month but I got a bit silly in Topshop and then decided to punish myself by not allowing myself take money from my savings to get my hair done. (I'm becoming such a grown-up) 
I go through the same panic everytime I'm about to get my hair done, I always want a change and spend weeks debating on whether cutting it short, dying it brown, or getting a fringe will suit me. Then I chicken out and get my blonde done again (I do sometimes vary the shade of blonde!). So this time I decided to have a nosey around the internet and save all the pics of hair I love. 

These are what I saved....

Quite similar to how I had my hair last summer...

Great. Means all I have to do is get my roots done and grow my hair longer, and my hair grows mega fast. Also try to keep it healthy looking, I recently bought a bottle of Orofluido, which is a more reasonably priced 'Moroccon Oil' type thing, (although at 28euro a bottle Im not sure its that reasonable..) anyways, I LOVE it. It smells amazing, my hair feels softer and looks a lot healthier after using it, and it kind of speeds up the drying time to. Not sure how that works but it does which is great cause I'm mega lazy with my hair.

I can pretty much gaurantee I'll be having the same panic attack in 2 months when its time to get my hair done again!

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