Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rottweiler tee

Since I first spotted the Givenchy Rottweiler tee on Kanye West I knew I had to have one. Well, a rottweiler tee, not exactly a Givenchy one. I absolutely adore this print, it looks fierce and really toughens up any outfit. Here, I have paired it with a pair of Houndstooth, high waisted, cropped trousers that I got a good few years ago from Urban Outfitters, but have recently just found under my brothers bed at home and my Topshop leather jacket.
I actually wore this out while walking my dog Hasso, who happens to be a rottie. I'd like to say it just happened to be what I was wearing that day but I wore it on purpose, as I'm a bit sad and got a little bit excited about how cool it is that my t-shirt and dog match. :)
How cute is Hasso? He's possibly the naughtiest dog ever!

Hope your week is going well.

Monday, August 27, 2012

My big day out

They clearly just used Google Translate when making up their sign!

Hope everyone is well


Sunday, August 19, 2012


I renewed my subscription for the Dublin Bikes this week. City bikes is such a great idea, it's only 10euro a year and is so handy, especially if you live and work in the city centre. 
There's a bike stand right outside my apartment and outside my job but I walk as I'm actually really nervous cycling on the roads! I mainly just use the bikes in the evening time and on cycle tracks, which is what I was doing here. My boyfriend and I went on an impromptu cycle straight from work the other day. I was not dressed appropriately. Sweating!
My jumper is from Cheap Monday, my shorts are Topshop and the boots are River Island.

The 30 day shred is going well. I am looking slightly more toned, but more importantly, I'm really enjoying it. Its tough but like Jillian says, that pain is what your body needs to change! This is one fitness DVD I will hopefully continue to use. I'm going to do a proper post on it at the end of the 30 days with before and after photos, but here's my progress so far. (Just six days in!)

It's my birthday this week to, so I'm going to treat myself, I'll be sure to show you what I got.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Instagram #3

First Row: Drunken Jenga, Tapa's, Tuesday night cigar club, full fridge.
Second Row: Funny door lock, To write love on her arms, Katie Taylor, Retro curls.
Third Row: Zombie walk, Hasso has to wear a muzzle now because people think he's dangerous even though he's the most lovable, silly thing ever :(, featured in the Independent street style section, Acrobat show.
Fourth Row: Filming in our flat, me and the boy, more acrobat show, toilet fun.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zara dress.

I got this dress in a Zara sale about 6 months ago. Its so pretty. I adore the colour and print, although it is slightly to big for me around the shoulders. This leather jacket I got in a vintage shop in the Marais area of Paris for 5euro. FIVE EURO. How amazing is that? 
I usually hate vintage and charity shop shopping as I really can't be bothered looking through so much stuff. I like simple, clean and organised shopping, were I don't have to look very hard. How lazy and boring of me. But this shop in Paris was just amazing. I got this jacket, a (faux) fur coat, a top and a skirt all for 40euro and they all kind of jumped out at me so I didn't even have to look to hard!

I have no other news, I'm so tired for some reason. I haven't even done much this weekend. I'm guessing its all the shit food I've been eating is just sucking all the energy from me. Goats cheese salad tonight. Nom. 

Also, anyone else ridiculously excited for the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony tonight!?

Hope everyone is well!

P.s: I just realised that this is probably the first outfit post I've done that isn't made up of all Urban Outfitters and Topshop! :)

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Monday, August 6, 2012


This is what I wore on Saturday when on a day out with my boyfriend. I love this shirt/dress from Urban Outfitters. It's a light chiffon material and such a pale pink that it could almost be paired with anything. I wore it with my favourite cropped leather jacket and black boots, both from Topshop, and a little grey jumper to keep me wrapped up as I'm still a little unwell. The never-ending-cold. 
I did a post on the dress before here were it looks way more girlie. 

Hope every ones weekend has been as good as mine!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Currently Loving

1.Textured Pony Tails

Since seeing Victoria Beckham with a messy low down pony tail in Brown Thomas last week I've totally fallen for it. Its quick, simple and the messier it gets during the day, the better. I've been trying out a load of different products this week to try and get the perfect look. I might do a post on them products if anyone is interested?

2. Zara Coats

Zara have done it yet again. I fell in love with every coat I seen when I was in there during the week.  The best coats always come out during the summer, but I can never bring myself to buy one so early in the year. Then come winter, I can't find anything I like. 

3. BlackMilk Swimsuits

I'm obsessed with all things astronauty. I came across Blackmilks swimsuit offering and I want it so much. I'm trying my hardest to not buy it as I'm trying to save. :(

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