Friday, October 30, 2015

H&M Home Picks

Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed with H&M home. Its a collection I always have a quick look at when in London but today when searching for a copper framed mirror I had a look at their full online collection. My basket currently has 27 items in it, and I've spent the past 20 minutes googling ways to get it delivered to Ireland, because unfortunately they don't deliver here. (Parcel Motel virgin here, hoping it works)


Monday, October 19, 2015

12 Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up and if you are anything like me you probably have 89 amazing ideas for costumes....that you'll do next week....(Hello Procrastination) Then out of nowhere its Halloween week and you have no time, or energy to put into making anything. Here are 12 simple and cheap costume ideas for you (or your baby - they look cuter on a baby)

 1. Harry Potter 

The gown is from an adults nuns costume picked up pretty much anywhere because its a pretty generic costume. The glasses had a fake nose attached that I pulled off, also picked up in any sort of costume shop. The owl is the models own. (Owly, as we like to call her - from Ikea)


Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Friendly Dublin


My photos don't do Blas any justice at all. I was having an off day on the day I took them and was feeling a little self conscious so just took them quick so as not to draw attention to myself! But this place is beautiful! Set on the ground floor of The Chocolate Factory on Kings Inn Street, Blas has taken cafe interiors to a whole new level. Its big, its industrial, but its kinda homely and comfy as well. 


Monday, October 5, 2015

Dublin Design Night

On Wednesday night I went along to Dublin Design Night with Image Interiors & Living and Yelp. Dublin's interior enthusiasts got to wander amongst the cities eclectic design shops as well as take part in craft and gardening workshops, all the while sipping on Dublin inspired cocktails (Lots of whiskey..).

Some of my favourite shops were involved, such as Appassionista on Drury street. The floral arrangements they create capture the tone and mood of each season so well, that I could almost spell a bonfire while looking around the shop.  


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Costume For Babies

Many a year ago I made a last minute attempt to dress up as Barbie. I put on tan and my pink debs dress and asked my brother if he knew what I was dressed up as, 'A dope' he answered. Grand, I looked nothing like a barbie and decided I wasn't dressing up. That's pretty much been my Halloween every year since, I don't do dressing up. I'm too lazy and unorganised. 

Last year was my first as a parent, so pressure was on to dress Lyla up. Knowing I didn't want to dress her as a cute bunny rabbit or pumpkin, I started scouring the Internet for ideas. When I found one that was simple, cheap and worked well with her name. 

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