Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Currently Loving

1.Textured Pony Tails

Since seeing Victoria Beckham with a messy low down pony tail in Brown Thomas last week I've totally fallen for it. Its quick, simple and the messier it gets during the day, the better. I've been trying out a load of different products this week to try and get the perfect look. I might do a post on them products if anyone is interested?

2. Zara Coats

Zara have done it yet again. I fell in love with every coat I seen when I was in there during the week.  The best coats always come out during the summer, but I can never bring myself to buy one so early in the year. Then come winter, I can't find anything I like. 

3. BlackMilk Swimsuits

I'm obsessed with all things astronauty. I came across Blackmilks swimsuit offering and I want it so much. I'm trying my hardest to not buy it as I'm trying to save. :(



  1. Not to influence you in any way (I'm supposed to be saving too!), but that astronaut swimsuit is pretty damn cool. Plus it matches your blog header pic ;)

  2. i love it all! especially those suits!

  3. LOVE the textured ponytail! it's so chic and grungy, i'm so in love with the look :)

  4. Their swimsuits are so amazing. I need one in each pattern.

  5. These swimsuits are awesome. Love it !
    Your blog is very interesting, follow each-other ? I'll be honored if you are agree :)

    Here's my blog:

    Hugs from Warsaw

  6. I really want the spaceman onee but it's such a statement piece I just don't know if I'd get the wear out of itt... so tempting though, I'm constantly looking for cheap dupes :) Xx

  7. Love the astronaut swimsuit too - just recognised the image is from one of Something Corporate's album covers!

    I was sure I'd seen it somewhere before, ha! :)

    Charlene xo


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