Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hair Envy

Gwen Stefani.

I'm a huge fan of Gwen, her music, her style, her determination, her body, even her lipstick choices appeal to me. To top it all off she has the dream hair. Platinum blonde AND in good condition. Its beyond me how it looks so shiny, healthy and thick so consistently. Platinum blonde is up there with being one of the hardest colours to pull off and maintain. Any sort of a root is instantly noticeable, its prone to going a little bit too warm (Orangey) and as its peroxide it is extremely damaging to the hair. But she's been rocking it for years and not once have I seen it looking in anyway dodgy. (Not that I see her regularly or anything!)
She, or her hairdresser, also has the styling perfected. Wheter it's 1970's Glamour, Rockabilly or a simple topknot, her hair always compliments whatever fashion she's rocking that day.

I did have my hair platinum once, I quite liked it too, but working in a salon now and seeing how damaging it can be would put me right off. Pretty sure my hair would snap if I tried. I do copy some of her up styles though. My friend in work is big into retro type hair styling and loves playing with my hair so I can be seen wondering around town with massive quiffs and victory rolls on a regular basis.

Hope the new year is being nice to you guys.



  1. Love her hair, I think platinum is just about every blonde's impossible dream ;)

  2. I'm 100% with you on this one. Gwen Stefani is such an icon, love her! Your hair looks amazing too - wish I could pull off a good victory roll!
    N xoxo

  3. I love Gwen and what I'd give to have hair like her's!
    You look amazing with the rolls too, your hair suits you the colour it is also :3 xx

  4. She always looks perfect!

    xo Jennifer

  5. It's such adorable!
    You have so great blog! <3

  6. Gwen always look her style

    xx Mounia


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