Sunday, July 17, 2011

I like to dance.

I'm very aware that pretty much all my outfits are made completely from Urban Outfitters and Topshop clothes. My wardrobe is 50% Topshop, 40% UO, and 10% everything else. See I work in Topshop so its easier for me to just buy my clothes there because then I can wear them to work, then I get a lot of stuff from UO from my boyfriend. I need to mix it up a bit though. I can't even remember the last time I went into H&M or New Look or anywhere else.

I'm also very aware that this blog has turned into a blog pretty much based on outfits which I don't really like. I originally intended it to be somewhere for me to kind something to put ideas and thoughts out, and maybe make some friends, but whenever I go to write a post not about clothes and stuff I get a bit stuck. Anything in particular people think I should do a bit of? Post-wise?
Any feedback would be super. 


  1. i'm super jealous of your UO and Topshop wardrobe, when i worked in River Island i was exactly the same; spending quiet Sunday afternoons outfit shopping.
    it's really tricky knowing what to blog about, i'm no expert but i just blog about what i've done that day and hope for the best really! i think i might try and be a bit more structured and do weekly feature posts, just need to think of something interesting enough... anyway i didn't mean to ramble quite so much, oops -x-

  2. Really nice outfit! Black is one of my fav colours!

    X Sarah

  3. i loveeee this! the lace trim cycling shorts look gorgee, and may have persuaded me to go back and get the ones i tried on and so badly wanted but didn't buy the other day in h&m!!

  4. this outfit is super cool, i love it. i love your neckalce to.

    about ireland i'm not really into the whole tourist things. i don't have a car so im relying on public transport. I mean i'd like vintage shopping and, sight seeing old things, like castles and how ireland is really lived.? x


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