Friday, April 27, 2012

Clothes, clothes everywhere.

This Zara coat makes me so happy. I may look like a gorilla when I wear it but at least I'm a smiling gorilla.

I've had about two suit cases full of clothes/shoes/bags I no longer want/wear so I've put them up online if anyone is interested. All prices are in euro, don't include P&P and are negotiable! :)



  1. so great to see you back blogging :) love this look.


  2. Love this photo Emma, so pretty and something you would see in a magazine :) About my hair - I just take a section, twist it then curl it whilst it's twisted then once out of the curling tongs I just seperate the curl I have. Would love to see how you try it out :)

  3. Following you Emma! You have a beautiful style both for fashion and hair! I'll be moving to Dublin again and a few days, I think it's a great city for shopping.


  4. The most stylish gorilla I've seen in a long time! That jacket's too cool for school.


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