Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Introducing Evie Violet

Finally getting around to writing a blog post about our latest addition. (I actually wrote this 3 weeks ago and forgot to hit publish - but sure better late than never right?)
She has featured on all my social media so I'm sure everyone already knows, but on July 8th at 8.17pm Evie Violet entered the world!
The water birth never happened but I was lucky enough to have a beautiful quick, natural birth with no problems and no pain relief.

The past six weeks have been so special. I was nervous about the transition to becoming a family of four, especially how Lyla would react - would she be jealous? Or starting acting up?
I needn't have worried, she has been amazing. She's as obsessed with Evie as we are. Holding her hand, singing to her and telling her everything will be OK when she's upset.
While I stand to watch, wondering how I got so lucky to have these beautiful little girls in my life.

Thank you again for all the lovely comments and messages, we were very touched by them all!
I am the luckiest mama in the world!


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