Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Holy Grail of Hair Treatments.

REDKEN extreme CAT. 

This is my first attempt at a little review. Not sure exactly what I'm supposed to write but I feel the world (or at least the readers of this blog) should know and use this product. I'll also try not to get too into the science part of it...I tend to over explain everything! 

I started using Cat spray about 8 months ago. Once a week, sometimes twice depending on how bad I've been treating my hair. Before I started with it, my hair was weak, unhealthy, lacklustre, and basically in bits from years of bleach tints and highlights. Now, my hair is noticeably stronger, ridiculously shiny and just healthy looking! 

So how does it work? Its a protein based treatment. So, in simple terms, hair is made up of protein and this works by penetrating into the core of the hair shaft rebuilding its strength, it also resurfaces the cuticle of the hair which makes your hair smooth and shiny. As it is protein treatment and not a conditioning treatment it doesn't leave your hair silky smooth like other treatments. In fact, my hair generally feels a bit straw like after using it. So a conditioner is needed afterwards. I always try to use a moisture treatment or conditioner afterwards like Redkens 'All soft', just so my hair gets both protein and moisture. 

Its quick and easy to use, just spray it in after shampooing (squeeze out excess water first). Roots and ends. Massage it in and leave for 3-7 minute, then rinse. I use it once or twice a week. I wouldn't use it any more than that as to much protein in your hair can actually be bad for it. 
I started noticing a difference in the strength and elasticity of my hair after a week or two, and a great shine a couple of weeks after that, but I've heard people say it works quicker for them. My hair was in such bad condition though! To me its a little hair miracle in a bottle. 

The only negative about it is the bottle itself. You need two hands to spray it and it always slips out of my hands!

The cheapest online stockist I could find was LookFantastic where its £12.60 for a 150ml bottle. Mine usually lasts about 3 months and my hair is quite long!

Hope I covered everything. Any other questions just ask!

p.s: I wasn't paid to say any of this or anything, I just really love this product.


  1. I'm trying to grow my hair out so I'm seriously googling this right now and seeing if I can find it on amazon or something. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Yep. Just bought it off Amazon. Whoop!

    1. Oh great, Hope it works as well for you as it did for me! Just on another little side note, you have curly hair so you most likely need moisture in your hair (curly hair is naturally dryer than other types of hair) so be sure to use this with a moisture based conditioner or even better a moisture treatment to give it the full works!

  3. Nice little review! Back in the day, I was using the shampoo from this 'Extreme' line, and I really loved it. Although, when I dyed my hair bright red, I felt as though it was contributing to a quicker fade. So I stopped using it, and opted for an Organix shampoo. It's still an awesome product for strengthening hair though. Like you, I also used to follow it with the 'All Soft' treatment. It's such a good combo!

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  5. I've been looking for a spray to help my hair out so I might just have to purchase this!



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