Friday, November 23, 2012

Boyfriend Fit

I never thought I'd say this but...I think I'm over skinny jeans. For the moment anyway. I mean I won't be throwing out any of my Topshop Leigh's, but they might take a back seat for the moment.
I'm loving the laid back feel of these loose fit, low rise jeans, always worn with cuffed hems.

Jeans- Old Topshop Harpers, Jumper- Fred Perry

I feel like I'm channelling my inner 16 year old, Avril lavigne loving self when I wear them low on my hips, although I'm trying to keep my underwear hidden this time round. I try to keep the upper half slightly more feminine with a loose fit, but low cut top, which you can't see here because it was baltic out and I needed my biggest, heaviest jumper to keep me warm. 

I loveeeeeee this jumper. More than words can say. Its so big and warm, and I wear it any day that I have to spend an extended amount of time outdoors. Its super.

I'm planning the laziest weekend ever. The boy is gone to Manchester so I'm going to sit in and watch crap movies he won't let me watch, and eat so much chocolate. Its exciting really.

Hope all is well.



  1. this look looks really comfortable!

  2. These look lovely, I'm in the skinny jean rut at the moment, not sure if I'm brave enough to break free haha! xo

  3. Love the look, I adore the Fred Perry Jumper. Really want some oversized ones like these. I haven't worn boyfriend jeans in what feels like ages, live in my skinnies too much haha!


  4. deeply in love with this type of jeans but haven't found the perfect ones yet.. i'll keep searching! oh and you look lovely, the jumper seems to be supercozy :-)

  5. I feel the same about boyfriend jeans! love them.

  6. These jeans look great and really comfy. I think i agree with you on skinny jeans but i'm just not ready to say goodbye! Love your blog. I'm your newest follower, hope you'll follow back :)


  7. i just love boyfriend jeans, yours look so great!

  8. I've been looking for perfect bf jeans forever!

    xo Jennifer


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