Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Currently Loving

1. Petticoat skirts

I first spotted the petticoat skirt in American Apparel a while back and resisted buying it. 76euro. Gah. Then literally the next day Bebe Zeva from Fated to be hated posted this look (first pic), and wow. Its amazing! So I headed back down to American Apparel after convincing myself that life would be better if I owned this skirt, they had just one left, perfect. I very excitedly tried it on, to find it wasn't quite the dream skirt I'd been dreaming of. So disappointing. I mean it was lovely, but for 76euro I'd wanted amazing. So I resisted, but I still can't get it out of my head! I'm heading to Belfast next week and have decided if they have it there I will buy it!

2. Over sized jumpers

I'm living in giant jumpers at the moment. Makes leaving my cosy flat a little bit easier in the moment.

3. Nutella

This squirrel is me. Every time my boyfriend walks into the kitchen he catches me with a jar of Nutella and a spoon. Its gone beyond just 'loving' it, I'm physically addicted, I even tried to make my own one day. I'm trying to shift the last few pounds so need to give it up. I can't decide if I'm best to go cold turkey, give it up completely or like...over eat it? Allow myself to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which I would gladly do) until I'm sick of it and can't face it anymore. Tough decision. My mouth is watering right now.


  1. That skirt looks to die for, but I think I would literally die if I spent 76 euro on it. x

  2. Haha! I do the exact same thing with Nutella - when no one is looking of course! Loving oversized jumpers too x

  3. Seriously die for nutella I CANT HELP IT. I feel you on trying not to eat it as much i would love to know a way to do that! lol i just cant give it up

  4. Great post, I really adore oversized knits - so comfy!! :)


  5. oversized jumpers <3

    xo Jennifer

  6. I love nutella too! I usually have nutella sandwiches :)


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