Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 46

March 28th 2015. The day my mind was opened forever. 

And it all started with a little bit of crawling...

You see, with crawling as each day passes I become more and more cultured.  Once upon a time, my experiences were determined by what was within reach. Literally. A 2 foot radius defined my interests, tastes and experiences for the first ten months, two weeks and three days of my life.

I never knew the joy of banging pots on a tiled floor; or the visual pleasure of a room chaotic with the colour of toys; and most importantly, the flavours on offer with every mouthful of food. 

For months now my mom has been feeding me carrots and the likes, never letting on that there was so much more on offer. Well I am in revolt. 

No longer will I sit in my chair and eat what is given, nuh-uh. Now, when I can see a scattering of crumbs by the sofa or a some soil by the plant, or better yet, the spongy 'baby-proofing' stuff around the TV, I am free to indulge. Delicioso. 

My Mom keeps testing out new recipes, to try and get me to eat her food again. 'You're gonna love this!' she says, I act all interested, put after teasing her with a pea or two (she goes for it every time!) I simply sit back and smush the rest up. (For you beginners out there, I've found rice to be particularly excellent for smushing

It's not that her cooking isn't nice, its just my taste buds have developed. My Dad says I'm a regular Gor-Mett. I think I've already outgrown their simple, uneducated taste buds. Whereas I am sampling the finest food available on the carpet,they revert to the same thing again and again. Really?! Ham sandwiches again Dad?! Tragic. 

In other news, my hair is OUT OF CONTROL. Srsly. 
I had been rocking the mullet, but its gone a bit wild. I've started brushing it myself because my Mom is slacking (and she calls herself a hair stylist?) It seems, a comb has no effect over this barnet. My Mom says I'm too young to use a straightener so I've taken to holding it down with hair clips until it sorts itself out.

In the meantime though, it does kind of make me look like kind of a badass. So it's not all bad.

Laters xx


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