Thursday, April 9, 2015

Summer Dressing

Goodbye huge winter coat. I love you, but we need a break!

Hello bare legs and sunglasses! 

What a gorgeous weekend. One spent in the park watching the joy and curiosity on my 10 month old's face as she experienced more firsts. This time, grass under her feet and feeding the ducks for the first time.

More and more I find the simplest things are the most fun.

Lyla is at a great age, noticing everything around her. This is making her Mom open her eyes too and enjoy all the simple moments of life, and what it is right there and then.
The sun helps too. I am on a serious happy buzz this week and excited for all the fun this summer is going to bring! 

Anyway, in real life I'm transparent with a tinge of blue, so fake tan is a must for these brighter days. Especially if I want to go tight free and wear dresses such as this one. Which I do, because its from Zara, and striped. Basically everything I go for in an item of clothing. 

If you follow any other 'fashion moms' (not that I consider myself a fashion mom...but y'know) you will notice stripes are a staple. The dominant element of our uniform. I don't know why exactly but its just what we do. 

The jumper is an old Topshop one I found in the back of Jamie's wardrobe in his parents house. It was probably a bit unnecessary considering how warm it was, but I just don't trust Irish weather.

The boots are the ones worn here and will probably be the ones worn in most outfit posts because I live in them. 

Summer makes dressing so much easier. I tend to slack off a bit in winter because everything is covered by layers upon layers of clothing (49 layers if you're me because I'm eternally cold)...and a coat...and a scarf.

I'm on a bit of a savings buzz at the moment so most of clothes will be re worn oldies, including a little white maternity dress I wore when 9 months pregnant. I think it will look better this time round with a golden tan and cropped leather jacket.

Roll on summer, for stylish adventures with my little pal. 




  1. Gorgeous photos! I am obsessed with stripes. I have been known to accidentally dress two or three kids in stripes when I am also wearing them, which is not so good...

  2. LOVE this outfit! You are a style inspiration for Mum's the country over!!

  3. Love love love this outfit!!

  4. Love your outfit it looks so effortlessly stylish!


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