Monday, July 13, 2015

Clean Eating Baby Style

Being an avid blogger (writer & consumer) I see loads of sponsored or production review posts; from clothes & make up, to car seats and holidays. 

When starting this blog, I had decided I wasn't going to get caught up in all pressure of making money or working with brands because to me its more of an outlet: a document of our lives while Lyla is young. I wouldn't like the pressure of having to write about stuff that didn't interest me, nor do I have the time, energy, motivation or creativity to post as much as big timers bloggers do. (Seriously, how do they do it!?)

Lyla enjoys a bit of cleaning

My theory was first put to the test when I was sent some Dettol products to try. I know right? Some bloggers get make up, I get cleaning products. Kinda delighted about that though because as all you Mamas will know: cleaning takes on a whole new importance when you have a baby. Not only because LO leaves a trail of destruction, but also because she is will use any surface as a plate, and is willing to taste everything (not just food). Still, I really hate cleaning; t
his news may surprise some, like Jamie, who yesterday said to me 'You got to hoover and wash the floors all before 10am, dream scenario'. Yeh, thanks. But the quicker/easier I can get it done, the better all round.

Rather clean her own kitchen than mine

For the most part, I'll buy own-brand or special offer cleaning products. Often with mixed results. With time being light, and the load being heavy, it was interesting to use a leading brand like Dettol to see if it made any difference, and most importantly if it made my life any easier!

So the results:

The Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser spray is great for when your in a jam: just spray and wipe with a kitchen towel. No need to rinse away, which I'm always a little bit paranoid about because who wants cleaning products on there food. We wash Lyla's highchair tray a couple of times a day, but you're never quite sure if you're getting everything. This way you can be doubly sure with minimum fuss.

The Wipes do the same job, but for on-the-go. They are perfect for the baby bag. Lyla and I absolutely love ourselves, and as such are total ladies-who-lunch, treating ourselves to coffees and lunches out (milk for Lyla) at least twice a week. The wipes are so handy for wiping down high chairs in restaurants and coffee shops, which are NEVER clean.

 we learnt from, that kitchen sinks are hotspot for bacteria, so just a close inspection that its clean

So there you have it, I wrote a blog post about my favourite cleaning products and not only that, but my 30th is coming up, and when I was asked what I wanted as a present I said 'Maybe a Dyson?' 

What even is my life?


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