Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tired Eyes

Teething, feeding, too hot or too cold, an over active mind, anxiety and a severe Instagram obsession have resulted in long term sleep deprivation. For 14 months now I have woken every three hours without fail, resulting in some major dark circles and eye bags. #Glam.

The elusive 8 hours sleep is but a distant memory and as a result I have tried and tested every tip and product aimed at making me look less zombiefied. Fake it till you make it...and by make it I mean get a few hours uninterrupted sleep.... :/

 4 hours broken sleep 
#nomakeupselfie ;)
(Excuse the mirror smudge)

Anyway, here's a few things that are working for me:

1. Hydration - Frequent wakings has wreaked havoc on my skin, leaving it dry and ashen looking. I have always drank a lot of water, but have recently upped my game as I've become all to aware that I am entering my thirties and would like to keep those wrinkles and pores at bay a little longer. Water flushes out excess salt from your skin leaving it brighter and less puffy. I also use an oil or serum under my moisturiser to give an extra little boost. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is my oil of choice and it is delish.

2. Exfoliate - Exfoliation gives new life to your skin. Removing dead skin cells and dirt trapped deep in your pores, it instantly makes your skin look bright, vibrant and smooth.

3. Eye Products - The old school trick, of chilled spoons and tea bags helps de-puff before using some products. In the morning I use Mac Fast Response Eye Cream, which is 'A caffeinated cream that de-puffs, firms and erases dark circles and fine lines'. Its good, very good. Before bed I use Clinique All About Eyes, which feels incredibly moisturising, exactly what I need after a day of blood shot, tired eyes. 

4. Make up - Mac Prep and Prime is my holy grail product. Usually it is enough to wear under my eyes on its own but on days where I'm looking particularly bad, its best coupled with Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer. Then just lash on some bronzer and I start to look a little more alive.

5. Sunglasses -  Sunglasses, big sunglasses are every tired Mama's best friend. These ones from Asos are exactly what I need. 


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