Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paediatric first aid review

As a parent, and just in general, I'm a bit of a worrier. People can't walk on walls or go up a ladder near me without a constant 'oh please be careful', 'you're going to fall, you're going to fall'. 
So in preparation for everything that I imagine will go wrong with being the parents of a toddler and a newborn Jamie and I attended a half day paediatric first aid course run by Early Years First Aid.

This was my second time to do the course with them, the first being when I was pregnant with Lyla and stressing out about being around baby all day.

The course is aimed at parents, grandparents, childcare workers and basically anyone who wants to know a bit of first aid. It's not designed to make you an expert but to give you the skills to know what to do until the professionals arrive.

It's run by Ciara who, as a mother of three knows how important it is to be prepared for anything they may throw your way. The first time I did the course, I did it with Ciara, the second time with Simon. Both were equally informative and engaging.
It's four hours long and in that time you cover all the main pediatric accidents and illnesses that can occur, including choking, CPR and seizures, as well as covering major adult incidents such as heart attacks and strokes.
The class is informal and despite the nature of it, it's delivered in a fun and friendly way, with lots of class participation and stories. Questions are welcomed throughout and you are made feel relaxed enough to ask them.
Its very hands on using specialized mannequins to practice CPR, which is a huge bonus as I was shocked by how hard you actually need to do the compressions.
As well as that you partner up to put on bandages, slings and try the recovery position.

I don't know how good I would be in an actual situation as I'm probably more of a screamer than anything else but I feel better knowing I have that knowledge that could possibly save a life.
I highly recommend the course to every parent, and basically everyone, because you just never know.

I wasn't paid to write this review, and I paid the full 50euro fee to do the course, and will again next year as I feel what I learnt is invaluable.


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