Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Second trimester essentials

Thirty weeks down, ten go. Now I'm well into my third trimester I'm fondly remembering the easy days of the second. It's so true what they say about the trimesters ´Weary, cheery and dreary´, here are some of the things that kept me cheery during the second trimester.

1. Dreamgenii Sleep Pillow
I usually sleep on my tummy so this has been an absolute saviour for getting comfortable sleeping on my side. It also stops me from rolling onto my back which tends to leave me short of breath. (oh pregnancy you absolute lol)

2. Asos Maternity Wear
I know everyone swears by H&M and New Look but I'm not into it. It's all a bit bland and a bit too grown up for me. I love the Asos range as it's pretty much the same as their normal trends but with room for a bump, and affordable to!

3. Pregnancy Yoga
To de-stress, stretch out your achy back, and teach you breathing techniques for labour. Also a great way to meet other pregnant women in your area!

4. Pinterest 
Perfect for your baby obsession. Mood boards and nursery inspiration galore. (Find me at  - Lylaandco

5. Pregnancy/Nursery Lingerie
Because under wires hurt when your have a bump, plus you don't want to stretch all your usual gear. For basics H&M is cheap and cheerful so you won't mind when they get covered in milk/vomit when breastfeeding. For something a bit nicer Asos, Hotmilk and Topshop (above) are winners.

6. Bathrobe (Dressing Gown? Housecoat?)
I have lived in mine since becoming (and before) getting pregnant. Mine is a bit of an ugly one but I do plan on getting a nicer one for post birth so I don't feel as gross when I haven't the time or energy to get dressed. Love this one from Plum Pretty Sugar.

7. Hand Cream 
My hands have become so dry this pregnancy and have needed a lot of TLC, I use L'occitane Shea Butter Hand cream which feels a bit rich at first but leaves your hands feeling nourished and hydrated. Also keep the much cheaper, but just as good, Aveeno Skin Relief & Restore in my handbag  for when I'm out and about.

8. A Holiday 
This is the best time to travel when pre baby madness. We chose Lisbon, it was great although something a bit more relaxing (or even less hilly) might have been smarter.

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