Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Going from one to two...

We are two months into life with two children so I thought I'd give a little update on how we are getting on, and the things we are doing to help the transition to a family of four.

Having a newborn again...

..has been a lot easier this time round. I have a confidence now that didn't exist first time round. Breastfeeding, winding, settling the baby has all been relatively easy.
How constant it all is, on limited sleep has been less of a shock, or maybe having a newborn just seems easier in comparison to having a toddler.
I'm trying to enjoy these first few months as I know how quick they go, but life is hectic, I'm feeding on demand while trying to entertain a toddler, on top of everything else.
I'm a little bit, and by a little bit, I mean very, scatty. Organization wouldn't be my strongest point but if I want to get anything done I have to be prepared. That means having a meal plan for the week, so I can prep food in advance or not spend an hour trying to decide what to have for dinner.
Having a slow cooker has also been a life saver for days when we have a lot on.
You completely forget how time-consuming a newborn is, despite the fact they sleep a lot!

Sibling jealousy

...Apart from one incident with a sweeping brush and Evie's head, Lyla hasn't shown any jealousy. I'm sure that's down to pure luck, but we did do a few things to help her transition to being a big sister. The first was making sure she felt included in everything. So asking her to get a nappy for me, or hold Evie's hand if she's upset, then praising her for being so helpful and kind.
The second is making sure she still gets a lot of attention. She has one on one time with both of us every day, and the third was not having any other major changes going on before or after the birth. We moved Lyla into a bed as soon as we found out we were pregnant, put potty training on hold for the moment and been quite strict about keeping her in her routine. All of which seems to have worked as she's still sleeping almost 12 hours a night and a two-hour nap during the day!

Getting out and about

..Is probably the hardest part so far. Trying to organize a defiant toddler and a baby that will undoubtedly want to feed just as you put your coat on, is nothing short of exhausting.
Things that have made this mini operation a little smoother is having our clothes laid out, the baby bag prepared and same with the buggies, we have three (a double, a pram and a stroller - I know, we are excessive but just to be covered for every scenario) so whichever is being used is put out by the door - or into the car - the night before.
Bribery generally works best in getting us out though. Raisins and the promise of a trip to the playground.

Being the mum of two

...This post sounds a bit smug - oh our newborn just slotted nicely into our lives and our toddler is amazing - but the reality might be a bit different. Whilst I have found it a lot easier this time round (possibly because our circumstances are so different) it's still been tough. The past few weeks especially, I've felt that Monday to Friday I'm just about keeping my head above water. I don't know why it feels harder now possibly because I thought by now I'd be getting more done? Back to blogging, doing hair, working out etc but some days it gets to 4pm and I realize I haven't eaten or been to the bathroom since 7am.
My arms and shoulders are aching from carrying the baby (who hates being put down) and picking up the toddler who seems to fall every 4 minutes.
Like how do people with more children cope? Kellie from the blog My Little Babog is one that always comes to mind. She has four kids, three of which are under three, and she still blogs regularly! Or Cliona from Lean Mean Momma who also has four and cooks and bakes and works out and blogs...and here's me in my pyjamas at 3pm AND I have plenty of help. I'm trying to not stress about it because I know things will settle down and get easier, but I'm so ready for that now. So ready that I went an enrolled Lyla into playschool today.

So there you have it, there's our life so far with two. My house is a mess, I'm definitely going to end up with a UTI from holding it in, and some days I feel like I'm losing my mind, but its fun and my heart is full..and come the weekend when Daddy is home I feel like the luckiest, happiest woman in the world.



  1. I'm like this with one baby Emma so you shouldn't feel bad at all. It feels like there's always something to sacrafice in order to get the other stuff done. So some days I'm out all day having the craic with Caleb but the laundry stacks up, there's no dinner made, the kitchen is a mess.. or if I do housework, I don't get out. It's madness! I'm not back working-out yet either and he's ONE for G's sake. I mean yeah, a teenager still requires effort, like lifts and making lunch/dinner and buying books and laundry and spending from 2-5am trying to get her to answer her phone and come home!!!! But at least she can dress herself and walk out the door solo :D Anyway, I'm in the same boat in a lot of ways and feel like I 'should' be achieving more on a daily basis. So don't be too hard on yourself... Sure we're brill right?? I'm in work now til midnight and then it's home to decorate the house for the big 18th bday in the morning :D P.S Caleb is working very hard on his first word 'Lyla'cause that's his cousin who's three months older x

    1. Ah thanks Sarah! Sure we're only deadly. :P
      Love that his first word will be Lyla! We should get them together sometime

  2. I'm expecting baby number 2 any day now and I've a little boy who turned two in July ruling the roost aswell :/ I'm planning on baby wearing a lot this time around, is that something you've considered with Evie? I think it will give me more time (and hands) to deal with a busy toddler whilst still keeping the new baby close!

  3. Awh Emma don't be so hard on yourself. Some days we just keep our heads above water too. It's bloody hard with one, two or ten kids.
    Have you tried a sling? Baby always wants up too so I got a ring sling from mummyhubgorey and it has changed my life forever.

    Look after yourself 💖

  4. I'm only a few weeks behind you on the struggle of adjusting to a newborn plus older child. You sound a lot more organised than I am!


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