Monday, May 25, 2015

All black

"We used to go on holidays to Dun Laoghaire", these are the words I'm going to hound Lyla with when she's older and off on a J1. Because that's exactly what Jamie and I have done, twice. We have went to Dun Laoghaire on holidays. TWICE.

This is something I heard none stop as a child, but my mam got to go somewhere a little more exotic, they went to Bray.
We had planned on going further. Like on an actual holiday, but decided to be responsible grown ups and save the money. Plus we prefer to holiday in September. ;)

Anyway, we went out on our little mini break. As in, got dressed up and went out. This is a bit novel for us. The plan was dinner and drinks. A typical grown up affair.
Dinner happened, but as per usual we ate too much. (Totally recommend The Hen House - food is delish) 
So a walk along the harbour after dinner was called for. Obviously followed by a Teddy's ice-cream. And by that stage we were too tired and cold to go out so we were tucked up in bed by 10.30. 

One day we might get our lives back, until then I'm pretty happy with my glass of wine on the sofa and falling asleep before the film ends. 

(....And this is what I wore on our night out)  

Culottes, top, shoes - Pennys, Jacket - H&M

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