Monday, October 19, 2015

12 Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up and if you are anything like me you probably have 89 amazing ideas for costumes....that you'll do next week....(Hello Procrastination) Then out of nowhere its Halloween week and you have no time, or energy to put into making anything. Here are 12 simple and cheap costume ideas for you (or your baby - they look cuter on a baby)

 1. Harry Potter 

The gown is from an adults nuns costume picked up pretty much anywhere because its a pretty generic costume. The glasses had a fake nose attached that I pulled off, also picked up in any sort of costume shop. The owl is the models own. (Owly, as we like to call her - from Ikea)

2. Katie Taylor (or any boxer if you're not Irish) 

The dressing gown from Dunnes and the medal from Two Euro shop, and then some bandages wrapped around the wrist. She has white shorts on as well. Might be a little cold for this outfit at Halloween!

3. Marouane Fellaini

This one is for United fans. Just a kids United jersey with an adults size wig from the Joke Shop.

4. French Man

Breton top from Penny's, not quite sure the bandanna is from, I have it years from when we actually wore them as fashion pieces. Yeah. We used eye liner to draw on the moustache. Not the brightest of ideas because it was tough to get off!

5. Cupid

Just a nappy really, again, might be a tad cold. The bow and arrow are from the two euro shop.

6. A builder

The high-vis vest and building materials are all from the two euro shop. Jeans are models own.

7. Die Hard OR Ly Hard (if your name is Lyla)

Jamie always commented that Lylas sleeveless white vest made her look like John McClane, so this was a no brainer as a costume. Gun is from the Two Euro shop.

8. Nun 

This is just an adults nuns costume. If you were handy with sewing you could probably make it fit better but sure its grand like that. Rosary beads are from the men's section in Penny's because apparently men use these as a when accessorizing. 

9. Traditional Indian Woman

Think we were running out of ideas at this stage. The pink is a baby gro and the blue is my kimono from Forever 21.

10. Santa

I'm HOPING none of the shops are selling these Santa costumes yet, but they probably are!

11. Hulk Hogan

The vest was a gift, most likely bought online. We had a little moustache to go with this outfit but she was having none of it which is fair enough after the french man moustache incident. The belt is from the Two Euro shop.

12. Moore Street Lady

If your not from Dublin you might not get this, but I love it. So simple, just a headscarf and a banana will do. You could make a little speech bubble say '3 for a eurrrrrrrrrr-do' if you were feeling particularly creative. 

I feel like I should explain why I have all these pictures of Lyla dressed up. We decided to make a calender of Lyla pics for a Christmas present for our families. (We are those parents) but thought it would be a little more LOL to dress her up in different costumes for each month. Then we decided we should photoshop them into their proper backgrounds. As a result, no one actually received their calender until February.

If anyone uses any of these costumes please take a pic and link it to us, would love to see!



  1. Ha ha - these are great! I think I might try the Katie Taylor one .... because she has a bathrobe and I'm pretty sure I could find a medal! Also Moore Street lady made me chuckle! Your calender sounds brilliant x

  2. Ah thank you! Please tag us in a pic if you do, would love to see! x

  3. Oh my god, these are hilarious! My favourite is the the 3 for a eeeeeeeeuuuuro! by far. so creative. as i can barely get my one into a clean nappy and vest most days, I salute you!

    1. There were a lot of tears that day! Ha, I have about 6 more costumes lined up her for this Halloween. Think I may have a problem.


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