Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Costume For Babies

Many a year ago I made a last minute attempt to dress up as Barbie. I put on tan and my pink debs dress and asked my brother if he knew what I was dressed up as, 'A dope' he answered. Grand, I looked nothing like a barbie and decided I wasn't dressing up. That's pretty much been my Halloween every year since, I don't do dressing up. I'm too lazy and unorganised. 

Last year was my first as a parent, so pressure was on to dress Lyla up. Knowing I didn't want to dress her as a cute bunny rabbit or pumpkin, I started scouring the Internet for ideas. When I found one that was simple, cheap and worked well with her name. 

The Da-LYLA-ma. (Dalai Lama)

This was the easiest costume ever. Its literally just two pieces of material wrapped around each other. We just got the scrap ends from The Cloth Shop in Stephens Green. Then the rosary beads were in the men's fashion section in Penny's and the glasses from a costume shop. 

Quick, simple and cheap!

I have another post with 12 more ideas for costumes coming up, because for someone who doesn't do Halloween, I sure do dress my child up a lot. 

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