Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pregnancy #2

If you haven't already seen the news we are expecting baby number two. I'm due July 6th which makes me just over 17 weeks pregnant. 

I was pretty in tune with what was going on with my body this time round, and guessed I was pregnant when my gums kept bleeding whenever I brushed my teeth pretty early on. Confirmed it with a test on Halloween and had our dating scan the day before Christmas Eve where we got to see the baby jumping around.

We wanted to keep this pregnancy to ourselves for as long as possible, as I was (still am) quite anxious about it, but sickness took over and we had to let family know as I needed help with Lyla. Plus not drinking over Christmas was a give away. 

The first trimester was grim. I had pretty much every symptom going, vomiting, non stop nausea, head aches, exhaustion, bleeding gums, food aversions, cravings, emotional breakdowns, sciatica; the full works. I was literally drinking over a litre of orange juice a day and would vomit if I even looked at a chicken, all the while crying at the sight of Christmas lights.

Thankfully in the past two weeks the symptoms have finally settled down and I am starting to feel somewhat human again. 

Our big scan is at the end of February so until then I'll probably be a ball of anxiety too scared to get excited about Lyla having a little brother or sister. After that....I'll probably post non stop about pregnancy. ;)

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  1. Congratulations :) I was pregnant during Christmas 2012 and the Christmas dinner table et up made me bawl :)


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