Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream

Cliniques Pep Start Eye Cream is the latest must-have beauty product, being endorsed by young fresh faced bloggers all over the world. The eye cream which claims to take "just 3 seconds to look wide awake and refreshed. Hydrates, brightens, perks you up. Its cool touch and de-puffing tip help keep eyes looking fresh"; has been getting mixed reviews from the general public, rating just 3 out of 5 on the Clinique website. 

I thought I would try it from a 'my child doesn't sleep' mothers perspective. My eyes are always itchy, regularly puffy and have a slight tinge of purple underneath them, so I was really putting the product to the test. 
I've been using it for just over a week now and I like it, I really like it. It has a roller ball top that massages the under eye bags as you apply it and it feels light and hydrating. The itch in my eye is instantly eased after use and surprisingly enough, my eyes do look brighter! The skin also feels smoother so concealer goes on easily after and stays put. 

The packaging is also a hit with me. Bright orange, which makes it easy to spot when Lyla hides it. (I spend each morning trying to locate everything I need to get ready) I'm not going to say its the best product ever, the purple is still under my eyes and it takes a couple of minutes to really sink in, but as eye creams go, this one is pretty good!


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  1. Wow, I was just reading about this. That ball thingie for the delivery system is hanging me up, LOL. Wondering why they did that. But I'm sure I'll try it anyway in my search for the perfect eye cream. ;) Mel at eyecreamadvisor


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