Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Trimester Essentials

At almost 21 weeks I am well into my second trimester and feeling great after what was a horrible first few months. On Lyla, I had very little symptoms, a little bit of nausea and exhaustion but nothing too bad. This time round was completely different. The sickness was awful, leading to not leaving the house for days on end. 

Now I'm out the other side here's my list of first trimester essentials.

Morning Sickness Provisions
Ginger, in everything. Ginger tea, ginger biscuits, actual ginger in your food. I don't think it made a massive difference but I did feel a little less nauseous after consuming some. 
Snacks, keep them close. I had a golden period of about 10 minutes after I'd woken up to eat something. If I missed it, I'd spend the next 3 hours vomiting. Eating something straight away definitely eased the sickness. Having smoothies prepared is great, you get much needed vitamins, it fills you up and you can load it up with ginger for double the effect!

Dental Necessities

My gums bled a lot during the first trimester (its normal!), that, coupled with daily vomiting and a major craving for orange juice left my teeth in a delicate condition. Every time I brushed, I would throw up, so mouthwash and flossing became a priority. 
Using a child's strawberry flavoured toothpaste and changing to an electrical toothbrush also helped. 

My memory is pretty bad at the best of times but when pregnant it seems to get even worse. Writing down what I need to do/buy saves me making 3 separate trips to the shop.
Pregnancy also sends you into a panic with everything you need to get done before the baby arrives. Making lists can relieve anxiety and help you stay focused on what needs to be done.

Folic acid is essential for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and if your throwing up/ having food aversions, another multivitamin is probably a good idea to ensure your getting what you need.

Dry Shampoo
Because getting out of bed is hard enough without the added effort of washing and drying your hair.

I've been using the Baby Center pregnancy app which gives you a weekly update on your growing baby and changing body. As well as that it gives daily tips on dealing with pregnancy issues, and there is also a forum to see what other pregnant women at your stage are saying. Best of all, its free! 
On Lyla, I was given a lend of the Pregnancy Day-By-Day book which I found great. It gives a day by day breakdown of your babies development. I found it really interesting and loved checking it before bed each night. I always see this book in charity shops, so keep an eye out and you could get it for a couple of euro! 

That's pretty much everything that got me through the first trimester. Anything I missed out on that helped you?

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