Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Naming baby number two!

Is anyone else obsessed with what people name their babies? As soon as I hear someone has had a baby I automatically ask what they have named it, and get a bit annoyed when the person telling me (usually Jamie because he's useless at these things) doesn't know.

It's not a pregnancy thing either because I've always done it. I don't know why though because like, who cares? I mean what someone I hardly know calls their child has so little relevance in my life that my need to know is borderline ridiculous.

Anyway, it's one of them things that I very much do need to know.
Choosing a name is a pretty big deal. You want something that will work throughout childhood into adulthood, that wouldn't sound weird in any profession and that won't leave the child being teased.
I'm not good with pressure and that's quite a lot of pressure.

We knew what we were having, gender wise, with Lyla, and had narrowed it down to two names before she was born. In the end it came down to what worked best with Jane. Our chosen middle name (after a relative). Lyla Jane worked well.

This time round we've put very little thought into it. We have a long list of girls names, the rejects of first time round, but only like three for a boy. All of which have been taken by family and friends, so we really need to start thinking about it.

Luckily we have similar enough tastes, we aren't into Irish names, overly popular names or anything too modern, (although with typical pet names becoming more and more popular I'm starting to reconsider, hello Felix, Milo and Toby ).
So far our lists are:

Girls: Hallie, Sadie, Mara, Zoe, Tabitha, Evie, Aoibheann, Elise, Kate, Grace, Daphne, Mable, Marlowe, Bobbie, Mila, Penelope,

Boys: Marlowe, Bobbie, Alex, Lucas, Jacob, Milo

**I should probably add, I don't think I've checked half of these names with Jamie. I like them though.

What do you like in a name? Send me some suggestions please!



  1. I LOVE baby names...you have some fab choices there, I love Tabitha, Mabel, and Penelpoe...but also Mathilda, Poppy and Nora. Boys names are tough, I love Lucca, Ruben, and Milo. The only sadness about not having more children is no more naming gorgeous babies!

  2. My best friends 2 girls are Sadie and Aoibhinn :) Evie is a gorgeous name too. Unintentionally mine, the oh, his daughter and our little guy, all of our names share the same initials, either a J or an L and if there's to be another we are both kind of insistent that the name start with either one of those letters, it suits my slightly ocd side very well! I love strong names, preferably ones that can't be abbreviated. We named Luke after Luke Kelly, a major part of my childhood :) Looking forward to seeing what your final name choice is :)


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