Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things I definetly do not need but really want for the new baby

We didn't really think this whole baby thing through, had we done so we might not have been so quick to give away ALL of our baby things. Seriously, everything. Gone.
I have some clothes, but nothing suitable for a newborn, except one vest. I held onto one vest.

Anyway, this means shopping, and baby shopping is probably my favourite type of shopping. I'm a little bit wiser this time and unfortunately well aware that I don't need to spend a fortune, nor do I need 95% of the stuff I want to buy...but these are all fab products so I kind of really still want to get them.

So here's what I would be purchasing if I didn't know any better

Sleepyhead Baby Pod

Ideal for safe co-sleeping, a place for the baby to rest, to travel with, tummy time; everything really. The baby pod is super stylish and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian used them so ya know...
but you could definitely do pretty much the same with a breastfeeding pillow, or the cheaper Poddle pod.

Mamas & Papas Rose Gold Urbo buggy

The dream pram. It is beyond beautiful and makes me so annoyed that I don't need a single buggy. While all the gorge mummy bloggers are pushing their Urbo's, I'll be squeezing through doors with my clunky looking (but very practical, light, and easy to fold) Out n About V4. 
Hooray for having a lazy toddler and newborn.

Tiba & Marl Elwood changing bag

This one still might happen because I'm ridiculous and figure I'll actually get a huge amount of use out this?
Tiba & Marl changing bags are unlike any other changing bags out there. Unisex, stylish, practical and even have a designated laptop and mobile phone pocket.
The changing bag I got for Lyla was a last minute panic purchase that I hated, so we reverted to using a regular backpack, which has served us well but the lack of compartments means I spend way too much time trying to find everything.
100% trying to justify this to myself.

Solly Wrap 

I love this wrap. It is so neat and tidy for a wrap.
We didn't really get into baby wearing until Lyla was about 6 or 7 months old, at which stage we wanted a carrier rather than a wrap. So we got our Tula, which I totally recommend, we love ours. We have a newborn insert for it so I don't need to buy a new one, but the Solly looks so comfortable for a newborn and looks like it might be possible to feed in.


No newborn baby needs any sort of shoes, but baby moccasins are probably the cutest things in the world. 

What am I missing?
Tell me what you would love to buy for your child that you probably don't need.

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