Thursday, June 2, 2016

Living room makeover

Our living room has been my least favourite room in the house since we moved in, but as it's really only used by Jamie and myself in the evening time it wasn't a priority to get it decorated.
Plus the work needed to make it what I really want is just too much for us to take on at the moment. (New fireplace, new windows, new floors, new doors)

This room - like the rest of the house is painted white - with the exception of one wall which I painted dark grey. I had been wanting to do a big contrasting wall since we moved in - and had almost done one in our bedroom but ended up going for a much lighter, softer grey, fearing it would be too dark.

I was spurred on by an article about our friend Elaine's house on April And The Bear. So took the plunge and started painting, at 33 weeks pregnant - not the smartest idea.
But it worked and I'm somewhat happy with how the room looks now. It feels more homely and relaxing, and ties in better with the rest of the house.

Shelf - Ikea, Pictures - Sostrene Grene
Copper Vase - Pennys, Plants & Pots - Ikea, Picture - Sostrene Grene


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  1. Nice job decorating the living room. I think having one or two beanbags wouldn't hurt either and would be a useful addition to your furniture.


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