Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Third Trimester

It's been a while since I posted a pregnancy update, I'm now 37 weeks so fingers crossed this will be the last one.

This pregnancy has flown by. It only really hit us last week that there is another baby on the way when we both had minor heart attacks about how unprepared we are.
We had been so preoccupied with Lyla, the house and just enjoying life that we hadn't really thought about names, what we need to get and how we are going to cope with two, which is probably a good thing.
Last weekend we decided we better start preparing, so went to Dundrum and spent way too much money on stuff for my hospital bag and newborn stuff. We also bought a (second hand) pram, newborn insert for our Tula, and I've just treated myself (or the baby) to a Sleepy Head Pod (which is a lot cheaper from Amazon than it is their own website).
So we are somewhat ready.

It's been nice to not wish away the weeks like I did first time round, not that I'm not excited to meet the baby, but I realise now how fleeting pregnancy is, and how much I'll miss having a bump, feeling the baby hiccup and do it's weird little alien like movements. 

Some other things that are different this time round...

My bump feels way higher, apparently your bump doesn't drop until labour second time round. This has been good for not needing to use the toilet as frequently, but my lungs seem to be picking up the slack, as I am constantly out of breath.

Tiredness, typical pregnancy symptom, but having a toddler to look after now is taking its toll. Thankfully Lyla is a great napper, so I've given up trying to clean, cook, blog during her naptime. I go to bed with her most days, and even if I can't sleep, I'll spend the time reading..or catching up on Snapchat while lying down.

Fewer maternity appointments. I don't know why, but I've had hardly any appointments. I haven't been back in the Coombe since my 20-week scan, and any midwife appointments I have had have been incredibly fast. Like five minutes, much more routine - tick the boxes, in and out. I guess I should be happy that I'm not sitting for hours in a waiting room with Lyla causing chaos, and that everything is as it should be.

Nesting; We were somewhat between houses last time round so I never got to do the whole nesting thing. This time, I have a big four bedroom house to sort out pre-baby. I'd been on a bit of a mad one sorting everything the last few weeks, but it has unfortunately passed and I can't bring myself to do anything now. I haven't even packed my hospital bag.

I probably won't be doing a huge amount of blogging over the next few weeks, apart from maybe sharing some gorgeous baby things I've found online, because online shopping is my new thing, so if you are in anyway interested follow along on Instagram (Lyla_and_co) or Snapchat (LylaJaneBlog)

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