Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby Brain

Baby Brain.
I got it, I got it bad.

When you become a parent, something happens to your memory. You can recall, word-for-word, every baby article and book you've read, and every baby fact the Internet throws at you, no matter how relevant or unbelievable. You remember every moment, every development and every poo-nami(!)

And a million funny stories to accompany each memory, like the time your baby ended up in Ikea wearing a scarf as a dress and gloves on her legs. Yeah.

Adding all this new information obviously pushes other stuff though.

For me, that other stuff is everyday, basic stuff. Like the abilities to make a cup of tea, remember names or do grocery shopping. I can often be found standing in a room staring blankly, trying desperately to recall why I was there.

The reason for my memory loss

So I have a kind of system, based on lists, reminders on my phone and the oft-spoken phrase 'remind me to...' My secret weapon is repeating what I have to do under my breath until it is done. So if you ever run into me, and I'm chanting 'Bins...Bins...Bins...' you'll might understand why.

I kind of thought that by now, with Lyla being 10 months old, I'd be back to normal, or is this is the new normal? Do all mams have terrible short-term memories?

The jury is still out on whether baby brain actually exist. I imagine it is actually a by-product of exhaustion, the busyness of parenthood, and the crazy hormones.

Its not the end of the world, but a couple of extra GB of memory wouldn't go amiss.

So to all the people I've called the wrong name, or haven't texted back, or that don't get the same hair colour off me twice in a row, I apologise. Please forgive me, my mind is simply in overdrive trying to decide whether Lyla should have banana or blueberries with her porridge.


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