Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 42

The art of movement. Elusive and yet so compelling.

I'm almost 10 months old so I decided I best get going on the ol' moving. My Dad's Playstation has been calling out to me from across the room. Lots of wires for pulling, new surfaces to scratch and twisty things for twisting. Every girl's dream.

It's about four toy lengths away from my playmat, and I've been plotting my route for a week or so now. I was going to sketch out a map, but then I scrunched up the paper because scrunching is soooo much fun.

So when Mom was distracted last week, I decided my moment had arrived. I've developed a technique I've been calling 'The Bumshuffle,' which involves...well, involves shuffling one's bum along the floor. While Mom was playing with her shiny toys in the sink with the bubbles (which she loves doing!), I made my break.

Within a couple of shuffles, I had reached the Promised Land. Man, oh man, that Playstation. It was everything I hoped and more.

Emboldened by this new ability to discover the world, I've been weighing up where I might go next. Some of my pals have a different technique, called 'crawling' I think, and Mom keeps telling me to try it, but I'm not so sure.

Just for a lol sometimes, I pretend I'm going to crawl to get her excited, and just as she sits up, I drop back onto my bum. It's She falls for it every time.

So, she's going away this weekend, and I'm going to stay in my Nanna's. She has loads of cool things for scratching and scrunching, so I think I might just give crawling a whirl. A little holiday treat, you know yourself?!

I'll let you guys know what happens. If you can keep up with me. LOL.


Wearing my official 'Award For Bravery' sticker after a blood test this week

Update: I wrote this last week, but my mom was too sick (*cough* lazy) to post it. Decided to keep them all hanging on a little longer. 

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  1. It’s a really great post! Can’t wait to see the next one!)
    And I like your blog very much!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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