Friday, September 11, 2015

Baby Friendly Dublin

Two Fifty Square

Tucked away just off Rathmines road is Two Fifty Square. A bright, modern cafe, perfect for coffee nerds, and brunch enthusiasts. 

We first stumbled upon this place after a swim in Rathmines Leisure Centre. The cute little out door seating area, complete with dogs water bowls caught my eye, and I had to go investigate. 

I'm always a little wary going in somewhere I don't know with Lyla and buggy in tow. Am I going to have that awkward 'shit, there's no room for a buggy' moment, or get a few dirty looks when Lyla loudly announces her arrival. I needn't have worried as there were three other mums with babies, cuddled up on the sofa's having the chats. 

The staff were polite and helped get me a high chair. The coffee here is amazing. I might go as far as to say the best in Dublin? The baked goods are also top notch, and what I've had from the menu, (scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado) was delish. 
Anyway, the high chair was spotless, there was plenty of room her the buggy, it's never been extremely busy when I've been there and Lyla was happy out, chatting away with customers and myself. 
All in all, its a lovely little spot, perfect for brunch, lunch or a coffee stop!


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