Tuesday, September 15, 2015

White Wooden Floors

The floors in our new house are grand. Like their fine, nothing wrong with them, plenty of life left in them, but I kinda really want to change them. As such, I have spent the past month or so with my head down looking at everyone's floors, as well as on Pinterest, trying to decide what floors we should get.

White floors are having a moment. Actually white everything is having a moment, but floors in particular. They can make even the most light deprived rooms bright and fresh, and work with just about any wall colour. The problem with white floors is once you start thinking about them, ya kinda just can't stop? So here's a round of all my faves...

I love how this room is all white, with just the furnishings adding a pop of colour.

However, Lyla's favourite hobby is throwing pasta on the floor and as much as I love white floors, I don't love cleaning. I honestly don't think I could cope with how dirty this could get and how much time it would take to keep it looking as glossy as these photos. 

Maybe when in 20 years when she moves out!
So the search for the perfect floor continues..

All images via Pinterest


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