Friday, September 25, 2015

Prints For Your Home

I am so grateful for creative people. Not just creative people, but those with creativity who use it to create amazing things. I would consider myself to be somewhat creative, but somewhat lacking in initiative. A creative person lacking in enthusiasm and courage. Tragic really.  

// All - Society 6//
This lacking of ability only makes me appreciate those who do create even more. I've spent the past week shopping online for prints, in an attempt to make our new house feel more like our new home. Falling in love over and over with peoples talent and creativity. So here you are, some of my favourite prints from online shops. 
//Berlin & London - Me&Him&You -  Hen's Teeth // Poolbeg - Jam Art Factory //

I have a thing for city prints, I wouldn't say I collect them but I do tend to gravitate towards them and these ones (Berlin and London) from the new Irish store Hen's Teeth  would add nicely to my little stash. As would the 'Poolbeg Chimney's' from Jam Art Factory. 

// Melinda Wood Design  - Etsy // Olle Eksell 'Manhattan' - Scandanvian Design // Wallzilla - Etsy //

This middle picture 'Manhattan' is an Olle Eksell print. I absolutely adore the quirkiness of his designs. We have one of this already in Lyla's bedroom, and I am planning on getting some more to compliment it. 


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