Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What We Wore

The past few weeks have been so busy, what with moving house, decorating, work and just general life! The busy-ness makes me cherish the slow days I have with my little girl even more, traipsing around town, coffee dates which now include Peppa to keep Lyla entertained, and afternoons spent feeding the ducks in the park. Days that leave me feeling tired and happy and like I'm somewhat on the right track in life. 

Lyla is 16 months now and full of life. Sitting still is way over-rated, hiding keys and shouting 'More' over and over after throwing her dinner on the floor is way more fun. I'm conscious of the fact that our days alone won't last forever and so am trying to be ever present. Putting my phone down, leaving the washing up until bedtime, and being available to read the same book 18 times in row. 

She is also starting to take notice of what clothes I am putting on her, preferring anything that has a cat on it, so she can spend her day Meow-ing every time she catches a glimpse of herself. Dressing herself is a long way off and I'm glad. Shopping for a one year old girl should be used as some sort of happiness inducer. Cuteness overload. 

This dress is one I got her months ago, but somehow manages to fit her better now. It's from the Leigh Tucker Willow range in Dunnes, which is up there with Zara in style terms with kids clothes. Obviously she was filthy by the end of the day but I now see that as a successful day. She explored, she played and she has the stains to prove it.  

  //Lyla - Dress - Dunnes // Shoes - Clarks // Tights - Zara //
//Emma - Jacket - Andotherstories// Jumper - Topshop// Culottes - Pennys // Shoes - Zara // Bag - Cos

Messy hair don't care. 

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