Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planting a Tree

A couple of weeks ago (March 6th to 13th) was ESB Tree Week. A week to celebrate all things trees. The idea behind it was to encourage Irish families to learn about, grow and enjoy trees.

ESB have discovered that less and less Irish kids are interacting with trees, and the outdoors in general. Apparently, 48% of Irish children spend more time in front of a screen than outdoors. Jeesh.   

The fear of worms on our faces. 
So when our little family were given our very own little sapling to plant, I was determined to plant it and watch it grow. It would make a lovely way to mark the year we moved in to our house.

However, there is a reason 90% of the plants in our house are plastic. I know nothing about keeping anything green alive, but a quick look at their website thought me all I need to know. Basically sunlight, soil and water. Simple. 

With our newfound knowledge we set off to plant it in the back of our garden, alongside the lovely little apple and pear trees which are already there. 

Unfortunately when we went to plant it we realized the area needed a small bit of a tidy up and we didn't actually own a shovel! Like when you buy a house you never realize how much stuff you need to buy to go with it. A shovel is now top of the list. 

So we decided to plant it in a pot for the moment and its now basking in the sunshine in our garden! Looking forward to watching it grow!

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