Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Toddler Shoes

I have zero shame in admitting I'm a shoe addict, and when it comes to kids shoes it probably reaches a whole new level. Lyla's shoe requirements are somewhat different to mine (although being 5 months pregnant they are getting pretty similar) comfort and support are seemingly more important than style, and an ability to withstand stoney playgrounds and mucky gardens is a must. 

So far, I've stuck with the safe option of Clarke's, who's shoes are known to offer the protection and support needed for little ones finding their feet. 
Unfortunately what Clarke's offer in practicality, they lack in style. I'm just not into my  Lyla's shoes being covered in butterflies, glitter or flowers. (Although you can't beat Clarke's classic Mary Jane's!)
Now Lyla is more sturdier on her feet I've been looking elsewhere. Here are some of my favourites

 1. Zara 2. Angulus  3. Zara

So you can probably see why my shoe obsession has become about toddler shoes!

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  1. Oh jeabus, they are all gorgeous. 3, 4, 5, oh and 6, and 9... I want them all for my boy. He can rock patent gold and silver as well as animal print right? :)


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