Friday, March 25, 2016

Pregnancy so far - 25 weeks

25 weeks down, 15 to go.
That would be absolutely fine if the rest of the pregnancy would continue like this. I feel great. I haven't been sick in about a month, the headaches are gone, my skin looks good, I feel so good that I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. Yesterday I even offered my seat to a woman on the bus. 

The baby is kicking and moving loads, and like last time I've become obsessed with Teen Mom and One Born Every Minute, and basically follow every single pregnant person on Instagram and Snapchat. 

The only negative at the moment is crazy anxiety during the night, but I'm not even sure if that's pregnancy related or just life. I listen to Newstalk too much and read too many newspapers. I keep waking up at about 5am with that feeling of pure dread, over nothing! Hopefully that passes soon and I can get some proper sleep!

We are yet to buy anything baby related, but have started to look. We spent last Sunday pram shopping. The most stressful couple of hours of my life.
There is so much choice. Side by side, tandem, buggy board. I know what I probably should buy but then I kind of don't care and want to go with the more aesthetically pleasing option. (Any opinions on the iCandy Peach or Oyster Max?) 

My bump is a lot bigger this time round, and I've already turned to maternity clothes after wearing a pair of my normal trousers and ending up with a bruised waist. 

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  1. You look fab and great you are feeling so well. I remember from my 2nd pregnancy on my nerves got worse with each one and I would get be anxious over little things. I've heard loads of friends say the same too x

    1. Oh thanks Yaz. Yeh I'd be anxious at the best of times but it's gotten so much worse! Having nightmares and feeling overwhelmed! Hoping it's just the hormones and will go soon xx


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