Friday, March 18, 2016

Things that get me through the

As I only work part time I spend a lot of time at home, alone with a toddler, who's conversations are usually about goats, hopters (helicopters) and Peppa Pig. Days can be lost in an endless routine of nappy changing, schedules and re-runs of Paw Patrol, all the while feeling a bit shitty about how little your achieving, and how you know your capable of so much more. 

While I know I am privileged to have the best of both worlds, (working and being at home) I still feel like I don't have enough time, and never get enough done. Yes she goes off with Nana for a few hours here and there, and she's pretty content with an hour of Cbeebies but I still seem to struggle with the balance of parenting/me time. 

I'm not kidding when I say I have wanted a shower for three weeks now. Like a shower shower. No time constraints, plenty of hot water, a face mask and hair treatment. Not a 2 minute in and out job while Lyla open and closes the shower door, or threatens to put her toys down the toilet, or tries to climb out of the cot onto the window sill. (She no longer sleeps in the cot but I kept in her room for the days when I really really need that extra three minutes, to shave my legs)

So in an attempt to save my sanity (before the madness of having two kicks in) here are the things I've been (trying) to do:

1. Stretching
I wish I was taking out a yoga mat and getting all zen, or even getting Lyla involved but she'd rather stand in my way saying 'no, no momma no'. So I pop her into her high chair with some crayons and do five minutes of stretching in the kitchen every morning. It helps me wake up before I get that much needed coffee. 

2. Setting small goals to achieve the bigger ones
So one of my big goals this year was to learn to drive. I lived and worked in the city centre for so long that I never needed to learn, but living in Tallaght with a soon to be double buggy means I'm quite restricted with where I can go. So I've been taking lessons and getting braver. Every couple of days I set a new small task, this weeks is switching lanes. Serious fear. I'd drive the long way home to avoid switching lanes, but I felt the same about roundabouts last week and I'm totally nailing them now. 

3. Reading
Jamie gets home from work at 7ish. Lyla goes to bed at 8. That gives me an hour. In that hour I usually tidy up/ finish cooking/ get everything ready for the following day. I can usually get it all done by about twenty to 8 which gives me 20 minutes (before we sit down for dinner) alone to relax. I used to spend that time on my phone, but have started to get into bed and read. I love it. Its probably my favourite time of the day. 

4. Getting out
I make a point of leaving the house at least once a day, usually aim for twice. Even if we have no where to go and the weather is dismal. If I stay at home all day I can actually feel the lines on my face getting deeper. Fresh air is good, fresh air is needed.
Plus it means you have to put on clothes, and make your face semi-presentable. 

5. Socializing
Not going to nightclubs or anything, but play dates, coffees, even Whatsapp groups. Getting to have an actual conversation about real things. Saves Jamie from recounting every second of his day as I live vicariously through him. 

And then comes the end of the week and I'm back in work and wishing I was back at home!


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