Wednesday, August 26, 2015

London With A Toddler

Small apartments for high rents, tube stations with no lifts and incessant crowds. London; not exactly somewhere you would consider child friendly. That was my opinion when we were booking a weekend away with our 15 month old. 

ndon is one of my favourite cities, if not my favourite and thanks to having family (and 
somewhere to stay) there we go over quite often, but this was our first time bringing Lyla. Our first time having to manoeuvre the tube with a buggy - actually pretty simple and Londoners actually do help, and our first time having to consider were to eat that's baby friendly - pretty much everywhere, including the hipstery places we frequent. 

Fanciest full english ever. It didn't have bacon, it had bacon POWDER. 

London offers so much for a family, from walks along the South Bank, amazing playgrounds, free soft play zones in shopping centres, an abundance of bright airy museums, and probably the best mums group in the world (Mothers Meetings). As well as plenty of trucks for Lyla to try and get a wave from.

We ate at trendy spots like The Hoxton Grill, The Duke Of York Food Market, and Sketch. Visited The Saatchi Gallery (highly recommended), Tate Modern Museum, and Hyde Park, amongst a million other places. 

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I could go into detail about each and every aspect of what we got up to and how to manage with a baby but I'm pretty sure that's all been done before and I didn't take enough photos for that. #notarealblogger #lolz

 Saatchi Gallery


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  1. These are really fab pictures :) I live in London, and it really is a great place to go to. But to be honest, I hardly ever take my toddler to town - I spend too much there already Mon-Fri so on weekends we just chill home. But of course, there is a lot of great things to do :) Glad you had fun!


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