Monday, August 17, 2015

turning 30 giftguide

My birthday is approaching and its a big one. So I thought I would treat myself to something, I could give this list to Jamie to make his life easier but I kind of like to make him suffer... Joking, he's already got me the best present ever, a house! (Ok he didn't buy me a house for my birthday, but we bought a house, so I'm pretty happy with that)

Anyway here's a little look at the pretty (fashion-y) things that have been catching my eye.

1. Selected Madrid Kimono Top/. 2. Cos Red Dress/. 3. Self Portrait Lace Dress/.

4. Velvet RayBans/. 5. Jord Wooden Watch/. 6. BDG Suede Bag/.

7. Cos Mesh Bag/. 8. Fred Perry Bomber Jacket/. 9. Cos Rope Belt

If you like my style, there's plenty more on my Pinterest and if you have Bloglovin I would really appreciate a follow! I'm very lonely over there!


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