Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Patent shoes & Mama Stripes

Surrounded by bags, boxes and Lyla's toys I am taking a moment to appreciate where I am and the person I am here with, at this time in my life. My life is pretty sweet at the moment and I am beyond grateful for the people who have made it this way. 

Anyway, now to the actual post. Lyla got this dress as a gift for her birthday. At the time it was way to big for her, now it fits her perfectly, if not a little snug around her belly. (Baby bellies = beyond cute). It never ceases to amaze how much a baby can change in such a short space of time. She has about 10 words now, sings the Peppa pig theme tune and despite holding my hand in these pictures can take at least 8 steps unaided.

Her dress is from Gap and her adorable little patent shoes are from Penny's. I think my goal in life is to find a way of wearing patent shoes with socks myself, without looking like a twat. 
Until then I'm pretty happy with these little Zara ankle boots. They aren't leather like my 6387 other pairs of boots, so I feel like I'm progressing with being a bit more experimental sartorially. 

Although the stripes and black Mac style jacket might beg to differ.

The shorts are actually a play suit that I have decided is too young for me (THIRTY THIS WEEK!) but with a jumper covering the low plunge line you'd never know.

Emma: Playsuit - Urban Outfitters, Jumper - Zara, Jacket - H&M, Shoes - Zara
Lyla: Dress - Gap, Cardigan - Pennys, Shoes - Pennys

Did I mention I'm THIRTY this week!?!?


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love her shoes x

  2. I love the colour of the dress, Very sweet! :-)

  3. I have to say your lil girl looks just to cut and ur outfit compliments her rather nicely

  4. Happy birthday for this week. 30 is still a spring chicken.

    Lyla is adorable!

  5. Oh her little chubby knees!!!!!! LOVE! Thos shoes are adorable!

  6. Am loving her little dress and shoes, I miss those days x

  7. I love your boots! Great idea to cover up the top of the playsuit too. If love patent shoes, but at 31 I'm too old :(
    Alana x


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