Thursday, August 13, 2015

Baby Friendly Eateries Dublin

Third Space 

In case you hadn't noticed, going for coffee and scones is my idea of a dream afternoon out. I know, I know, I am absolutely wild. 
When treating ones self to such luxuries when in the company of a toddler there are a number of considerations to be made. Space for a buggy, a high chair, changing room, staff that wont get upset about a child throwing food on the floor etc etc. 
At least once a week Lyla and I go for lunch or coffee, so I have been sussing out the best places to sip and eat in Dublin. We wouldn't be into the usual types of eateries listed as child friendly, Nando's, Milano's etc. We like something with a bit more life and a bit more style so I thought I may as well start reviewing* the places we go in terms of child-friendliness. Obviously just an excuse to keep going on lunch dates, but whatevs. 
So here is my first!

Third Space, Smithfield. 
"Third Space is a place for local people to gather & eat easily, inexpensively & regularly, with space for creative, cultural and community activities."
We first went to ThirdSpace when Lyla was just 8 weeks old. I had joined a mother-baby group in Stoneybatter and afterwards all 8 mama's and babies headed here for a coffee. When the staff cleared a big table for us and  helped bring our buggies up the two steps, I knew I had found where I would be hanging out with my baby for years to come. 
Third Space isn't overly spacious, but it is bright, warm and friendly. It has high chairs, a changing room, and even toys for kids. The staff are so friendly and have never once given out about the mess Lyla makes. In fact they are all smiles with her and go out of their way to say Hiya back to her 14546 times. 
The decor is modern and trendy but not over the top, and the clientele is a nice mix of locals, business-y types and stylish young people working away on their Macs.
They cover all basis with the food, with sandwich's, hearty meals and cakes - something for everyone and the coffee is great, with decaf on the menu for any pregnant ladies, or breastfeeding mums. 
It gets quite busy between 12.30-2 but before and after tend to be quiet enough.

*I have no idea how to actually review, so its more just a list of places, with what they have and pictures...everyone loves a good picture. 

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