Monday, August 31, 2015

Stylish Changing Bags

My bag is a vortex. Hours have been lost rummaging through receipts, nappies, make up, banana's, toy phones and keys, and real ones; and of course Lyla's Peppa Pig teddy. I hold up queues up and down the city with my constant searching. 
The perfect way to disguise this unorganised chaos, as well as distracting from the other bags - under mama's eyes, is with a stylish, modern changing bag. 

The baby bag I used when Lyla was first born was gross. I panic-bought it when I couldn't find anything I liked a couple of weeks before my due date. It was big, clunky and completely lacked any sort of style or personality. When my senses came back to me I ditched it in favour of a small, black leather back pack. It isn't an official 'baby bag', but it does the job. 
Whether you are looking for a dedicated baby bag or just a hand bag big enough to carry all the crap necessary for a day out with a baby, here are all my favourites.

1. Storksak - Lucina /2. New Look - Twin Pocket Holdall /3. Tiba & Marl
4. Pacapod /5. Skip Hop Duo Bag 6./ Tan & Teal - Pimlico Tan Bag
7. Pacapod - Moad /8. SugarJack - Gabi Tan /9. Asos - Zip Detail Backpack


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