Friday, February 20, 2015

Dun Laoghaire

New York, Istanbul, Barcelona, Paris.... Every year Jamie and I go on 2-3 holidays. (I know, we love ourselves)
One big holiday , one city break and a weekend or two in London.
This year, for our city break, we packed our overnight bags, shipped Lyla off to her Nana's and jumped on the 46a to the glam coastal town of Dun Loaghaire, for a one night stay in the Royal Marine Hotel. 

We don't leave Lyla overnight very often and when we do we usually just catch up on much needed sleep. So we vowed to make the most of our baby free time and spent our 24-hours drinking wine, eating out, chilling in the spa and talking about non baby related things.

The Royal Marine Hotel is gorgeous,with old winding stair cases, chandeliers, and breathtaking views of the coast. We stayed in the new part of the hotel in a room with sea view. The bed was big and comfy, the spa in the hotel was dark and relaxing, the weather was perfect for a pier walk and best of all, the new Wetherspoon's was a two minute walk from the hotel. ;) 

There is no point to this post, other than it was nice to get away from being a mum for a night.


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