Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My uncle Daniel

Today is my uncle Daniel's birthday. I never got to meet him but from what I've heard he was pretty cool. 

Mam-mam says if you were here you would have loved me, well obviously, I mean who wouldn't? 
She says you would thought me all sorts of naughty things to do to annoy her, like hiding the remote control, playing music reaaaaaaal loud (I do play my tambourine and xylophone pretty loud), and only eating chicken fillets and eggs, nothing else. 
I don't think I need anyone to teach me how to cause mischief but it sure as heck would have been nice to have a side kick. 

Apparently you loved dinosaurs!? I can see why! Rawwwwr! and you would have let me watch Jurassic Park 4586306 times in a row, without a break. AWESOME. 

We have lots of pictures of you around the house, your my hair and dimple twin! #Twinningiswinning 

Happy Birthday Sneactha Ban, I gave your picture and extra slobbery kiss today and I promise I'll try to not eat the flowers we bought for your grave! 


OK...maybe just one...


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