Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 39

Mam-Mam. One word (or two) with so much power.

Cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing, showering, dressing, walking, talking, sleeping.
No matter what my Mom is doing, all I have to say is "Mam-mam" and she drops everything to come to me. Sometimes she doesn't hear me so I do a little cry and "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mam, mammamamamamam" and she's there, arms open ready for a cuddle. The sucker.

Working hard on getting my dad in on this. I already have him wrapped about my little finger but I know as soon as I master 'Dada' he will melt.
It's a bit of a work in progress. Currently, best I can do is "Heh-Dada"....but I'm getting pretty close.

This communicating stuff is such a LOL. When someone walks into the room, or even just for LOLs every so often, I wave and say 'HIYA' and they all gush about how cute I am.

It's just too easy!

p.s. LOVE my selfie stick.


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