Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Sleeping

Last night* Lyla went to bed at 6.45. Slept until midnight, I put her soother back in, she drifted off, I got back into bed.
12.05am, awake again, soother again, put her onto her side - back asleep.

12.20am, moved herself horizontally in the cot so her head was hitting off the bumper, move her back to the centre of the cot, soother in, onto her side, and back to bed I go.

12.35am, just awake, no reason, give her a cuddle, she falls asleep in my arms, put her back in. As soon as I leave she wakes again. Repeat x 3.

1am, I get in to the bed in her room with her. She spends twenty mins pinching me and singing.

1.20 am, Jamie comes in to try and get her asleep. I go back to bed.

1.35 am, she's still wide awake, I make her a bottle, Jamie goes back to bed. Drinks the full bottle, falls asleep in my arms. Successful transfer to cot. I go back to bed.

2.10 am. Awake again, doesn't want soother, doesn't want a cuddle. Jamie makes another bottle I change her nappy. Drinks full bottle, falls asleep, unsuccessful transfer to cot. Rock her for 10 mins, falls back asleep, successful transfer to cot. Back to bed at 2.35.

6am. Awake for the day.

Mama is tired. 

Thankfully I've nothing to do today except keep the baby alive. Anyone trying to speak to me would most likely be met with a vacant expression and answered with a bleary 'huh?!'. 

I had planned to write a big post on how this lack of sleep effects me but my mind is taking way too long to process thoughts and I would have to keep googling phrases to make sure they were real proper English. I'm not even sure that last sentence was real, proper English?

Anyway, I'm off for a Peppa Pig marathon, not because Lyla loves it but because that's pretty much all the mental stimulation I can handle right about now.


*I wrote this yesterday, last night she only woke once. #topoftheworldtopoftheworldtopoftheworld
(the hashtag is for any 90s r'n'b lovers).....(Brandy ft. Mase)


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  1. Oh no! I hope you don't get many more like that. We have just bought these sponges tubes which are bed guards, but we have put them in the cot as Baby was banging terribly and haven't heard one bang since we put them in x


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