Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pink Dresses

I want Lyla to grow up knowing that she can be whatever she wants. That anyone can be whatever they want. Boy or girl: you make your own destiny.

As such, we don't always subscribe to the usual gender stereotypes. Lyla owns more grey clothes than pink, and more jeans than dresses. (Although this might be because I tend to buy her stuff I would wear myself) Her favourite toy (this week at least) is a fire truck and she looooves watching football - even if its just Jamie playing Fifa
She has been mistaken for a boy numerous times, usually by elderly women on buses, 'Ah he's lovely, isn't he?! Aren't you a gorgeous little fella?' It's easier to smile and nod along than explain why I wouldn't have a girl dressed head to toe in pink. Until they ask his name. Awkward. 

Anyway, yesterday, I was sorting through her wardrobe. She sat on the bed beside an ever growing pile of clothes. Suddenly, she grabbed onto the pinkest, girliest item she owns and began cackling I let her try it on. 

Ruffling the skirt, throwing her hands in the air and laughing, I've never seen anyone get so much enjoyment from a piece of clothing. I guess the most important person has spoken, so maybe we might see a couple more pink dresses and a little bit of sparkle into the rotation!

I suppose that choosing your own wardrobe is almost as important as choosing your own destiny!



  1. I was the same with my first, shes four now, i have no choice but to let her wear what she wants now. Well I do have a choice but I want an easy life and a handbag, tutu and tiara gives me this lol


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